Client Testimonials

“I was involved in an accident while in the United States visiting from Jamaica. I was referred to an attorney who then sent me to Mr. Yeboah. Mr. Yeboah was able to settle my case for Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($500,000.00) in about two weeks after I signed with Yeboah Law Group. He told me that cases usually take longer but Mr. Yeboah was able to settle my case fast. Thank you Mr. Yeboah!” — David Smiley

“Mr. Yeboah is very good at what he does no matter what the case is. He’s all about clients and getting the job done well. I would recommend anyone to call him for their case.” — Chaseha LadyLibra Tice

“I was racially discriminated against by one of the largest banks in the country. I felt very strongly about filing a racial discrimination case against them, but I didn’t know the first thing about my options. I consulted with Mr. Yeboah about what had transpired and what I wanted to do. He very professionally gave me a rundown of the steps and possible actions that could happen in result of those actions. He never persuaded me one way or the other, but always assured me whatever my decision he would fight for me. Long story short, I filed the discrimination claim with the EEOC and later sued that bank with Mr. Yeboah’s help. He walked me through and communicated with me the whole way. There was even a time, where it looked unlikely that the case would go in my favor, and I considered dropping the case. But he told me to wait and let him see what he could do. He went back and forth with the bank’s legal team, again this being one of the largest banks in the nation, and he was able to negotiate terms that we all were happy with. He turned something into nothing by refusing to give up. When I thought that this whole thing was going to be a loser, he turned it around for me. He never stopped fighting for me, even though he knew the case was challenging. He set the expectation for me from the beginning. He never overpromised, but just kept me informed of the complete situation. I would recommend Mr. Yeboah and the Yeboah Law Group to anyone who wants a fighter and an advocate, who’s not afraid to go to bat for you, and won’t sell you a dream, but keeps you in the loop and informed. All the staff are very professional as well. When professionalism today seems to be going away, it’s nice to know there are still organizations that keep that as a priority. It made all the difference for me! Thank you Mr. Yeboah!” — Ron Cameron

“Mr. Yeboah is an excellent attorney. I trust him with all of my legal affairs.” — Terrence Garrison