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Protecting property owners and their families after a hurricane

Living in a beautiful state like Florida does, unfortunately, come at a cost, especially for those who live further south. Here in Fort Lauderdale, our sunny coastline is a prime spot for some of the deadliest, destructive, and expensive natural disasters in the country: hurricanes. While modern technology has allowed faster warning times and sooner evacuations, there is only so much that can be done to stop the storm from destroying what we must leave behind, whether it’s our businesses, our schools, our cars, or our homes. The emotional devastation of such a loss often comes with unimaginable financial stress. How are you going to rebuild your home? How will you replace priceless items or expensive materials? How do you even start?

The Fort Lauderdale property damage attorneys at Yeboah Law Group know nothing can truly bring back what was lost, but we also know how to make sure you’re financially compensated for it. Insurance companies frequently put their own profits above their policyholders and may do anything they can to avoid helping unless your aggressive representative puts a stop to it. If you have suffered significant losses after a hurricane, do not wait to call.

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  • What property losses can I claim after a hurricane?
  • Does insurance cover me in the event of a hurricane?
  • Do hurricane claims cover more than just damage from the storm?
  • Why was my Fort Lauderdale hurricane claim denied?
  • How can a Fort Lauderdale property loss attorney help after a hurricane?
  • Is there a property loss attorney near me?

What property losses can I claim after a hurricane?

Hurricanes have the potential to damage or destroy every aspect of what makes a home or property habitable. Depending on your policy, you should be able to make a claim for:

  • Fence damage
  • Roof damage
  • Broken windows
  • Damaged siding
  • Garage damage
  • Damage caused by downed trees

Certain water damage may be covered depending upon if and how the water entered your home, but surge or flood-related water damage may only be covered by specific flood insurance.

Does insurance cover me in the event of a hurricane?

Natural disasters have a way of complicating insurance situations more than typical accidents, partially because of their massive scope of damage. Hurricanes are so notoriously destructive, especially here in Florida, that insurance companies make it as difficult as possible to receive compensation. In other words, your damage may outweigh your coverage, and your deductible may be even higher simply because a hurricane was involved. This can mean you end up paying for the bulk of your losses out of pocket, while your insurance company covers only a small percentage for reasons as arbitrary as the separate wind deductible they add on for these storms specifically.

No, this is not fair, and no, you should not accept it. While you should absolutely file a claim with your insurance after a hurricane, we recommend consulting with a Fort Lauderdale attorney first, in order to give yourself the best chance of securing the benefits you deserve. Documenting and taking note of every single damaged item and piece of property is another great step to preemptively protect yourself against insurance greed.

Do hurricane claims cover more than just damage from the storm?

Ideally, homeowners’ insurance would cover every aspect of the damage done by a hurricane, but this is rarely the case. In a typical scenario, insurance companies will try to cover as little as possible because hurricane repairs and compensation are typically only extensive and costly, but can take years to fully complete. Rebuilding a home or business from rubble is no easy or cheap task. That being said, policies may cover more than just the initial damages, including:

  • Contaminated food and/or water supply due to pollutants brought in by the storm
  • Loss of essential utilities and adequate shelter (this may include paying for a stay at a hotel or other temporary home)
  • Contact with mold or bacteria and other health-compromising substances

Again, flooding may not be covered if the insurance company claims water damage is separate from the storm. As the banks of streams and rivers continue to flood after a hurricane has passed, this can be very problematic for those without specific flood insurance. Your insurance company may also try to nit-pick certain aspects like shelter illnesses, structural damages sustained during cleanup or repairs, or a lack of necessities if they disagree on what constitutes a necessity.

Why was my Fort Lauderdale hurricane claim denied?

Remember that insurance companies do not want to pay you anything, regardless of the scope of your tragedy and losses. In fact, the greater the losses, the less they want to pay. They care about profit and nothing more. They want to deny your claim, and may do so for any number of reasons, including claiming that:

  • You cannot verify the contents of your home or business.
  • The structural damage in question was not caused directly by the storm or event.
  • Your damages exceed your policy or are not explicitly covered by it.
  • You are trying to repair something that needs to be rebuilt entirely.

When a claim is wrongfully denied, delayed, or lowballed in bad faith, the insurance company can and should be challenged by your property loss attorney. If something is genuinely not covered, other assistance outside of insurance may be required, but you should not take their word for it. This is also why documenting your losses as extensively as possible is so important, as it guarantees a challenge if your claim is denied due to a lack of verification (something very easy for insurance companies to state as a reason). Not only that, but it provides a strong starting foundation for the case your attorney will build on your behalf.

How can a Fort Lauderdale property loss attorney help after a hurricane?

Every Southern Floridian should have a hurricane plan in place to protect themselves, their families, and their belongings as much as possible in the event of a major storm. Business owners should also have separate plans to protect their businesses and the people who work in them. However, even if you are stocked with everything recommended for a hurricane, some level of property damage or loss may be unavoidable.

If that happens, it can be an incredibly difficult, traumatic, and terrifying thing to grapple with, only made worse when your insurance refuses to pay — or pay enough. At Yeboah Law Group, our property loss attorneys want to do the fighting for you. Those who have just lost everything should never have to worry about affording to replace and rebuild, something that can take years and years even if a property isn’t entirely destroyed.

Let our experienced Fort Lauderdale legal professionals allow you and your family to rest easy knowing your savings is safe and your lost property is covered. We understand and anticipate all the little tricks and loopholes insurance companies will try and manipulate you with, from falsely claiming something isn’t covered to incorrectly valuing your properties, and we make it right.

Is there hurricane property loss attorney near me?

While we maintain other office locations throughout Southern Florida, our Fort Lauderdale headquarters is conveniently located at 100 Southeast 3rd Avenue, Suite 1350.

Dealing with the aftermath of a hurricane? Call Yeboah Law Group today.

The last thing you need is more to worry about after having a storm literally rip up your life as you knew it. Recovering from a major hurricane is a major challenge with expenses that add up fast, from staying in temporary housing to rebuilding damaged structures to replacing contents and items that were swept away or destroyed, and insurance companies are all-too-happy to let you attempt it alone.

The Fort Lauderdale property loss attorneys at Yeboah Law Group will gladly confront those responsible for denying your claim until you are awarded the compensation you deserve. For your convenience, we proudly maintain office locations in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Key West, and Boca Raton, and serve clients throughout South Florida. To schedule your initial consultation, call us today at 1-800-TELL-SAM  or use our contact form.