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Medication errors harm more than 1.5 million patients each year, according to the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy. These injuries vary in severity, from allergy-related skin rashes to death. In some circumstances, it may be difficult to determine how the medication error occurred, so it’s important to secure representation from a Fort Lauderdale medication error attorney with extensive knowledge in this area of legal practice. The lawyers of Yeboah Law Group, P.A. have spent more than 20 years advocating for injured patients. Let us put our experience to work in your case.

Advocating for you when medication errors cause injury

Two of the most common medication errors our South Florida injury lawyers handle include:

  • Administration of improper dose. Accurate dosing is vital to proper medication treatment. Unfortunately, there are numerous opportunities for negligence and for a patient to receive an improper dose. The treating physician may prescribe an improper dosage or a pharmacist may transcribe the dosage incorrectly. Improper dosing mistakes can also arise in a hospital setting, where a nurse administers an incorrect dose of medication to the patient.
  • Administration of wrong medication. This mistake can also occur at numerous stages throughout the medication process. It may start with the physician writing a prescription for the wrong medication. The pharmacist may also share in the responsibility if he or she mistakenly dispenses a medication that differs from the prescription. This often occurs when the doctor’s handwriting is illegible. In a caregiver situation, a nurse may also misread the prescription or perhaps mix up several of a patient’s medications.

At Yeboah Law Group, we are here to help patients secure compensation for injury caused by medication error. Whether your medication is dangerous, you weren’t warned of particular side effects, or if you were prescribed a medication that works at odds with another regimen, we can help.

Skilled representation for individual and system errors

The causes of medication errors are numerous. In some instances, the initial problem arises in the physician’s office, where the doctor prescribes the wrong medication. It may also initiate in the hospital, with a nurse mistakenly administering an incorrect dosage, or a patient being given the wrong kind or wrong amount of anesthesia. A pharmacist may hold some responsibility for not identifying and warning you about a harmful drug interaction. Each of these examples refers to an individual error, where one or more parties caused the medication injury.

A knowledgeable Miami-Dade medication error attorney understands that mistakes can also result from systematic problems that may subject an entire medical practice to liability. For example, inadequate staffing may place a nurse under unreasonable pressure, leading to errors. Within a nursing home environment, inadequately trained staff is a common cause of medication mistakes. Medical facilities have a duty to implement policies and procedures for the prevention of medication errors. The “five rights of safe medication use” is an industry-wide verification process that focuses on:

  • The right patient
  • The right drug
  • The right time
  • The right dosage
  • The right method of administration

If a medication error occurs within a medical facility that maintains no systematic procedures for drug administration, the establishment bares just as much responsibility as the negligent staff member. Our attorneys have the skill and resources to conduct a comprehensive investigation of the medication error to ensure that all responsible parties are held accountable for their contribution to your injuries.

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Medication errors are highly preventable, which makes them even more appalling. You trusted your medical professionals to provide you with medication to enhance your health and well-being, not place you in further harm. Contact Yeboah Law Group for trustworthy guidance and a commitment to your case. You can call us at 954-764-2338 or complete our contact form to schedule a free consultation.

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