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Helping the families of drowning victims and injured boat passengers in Miami-Dade and throughout South Florida get justice

South Florida attracts people who love the warm weather, the lakes, rivers, and the oceans. The best way to navigate these waterways is by boat or watercraft. It’s all fun and games until an accident happens. If a boat flips over or collides with another boat, the results can be catastrophic. Passengers can drown, suffer hypothermia, broken bones, soft tissue injuries, and other serious injuries.

At Yeboah Law Group, P.A. our Fort Lauderdale boating accident attorneys understand how life shattering a boating accident can be. We handle accident claims, no matter the type of watercraft and for any type of injury. Our lawyers understand the complex local, state, and even federal maritime laws that apply to owning and navigating a boat.

When death occurs due to drowning or other causes, we advise families on their right to compensation for their own pain and suffering and the loss of financial support the deceased would have provided family members. In injury cases, we demand payment for all necessary medical bills, any lost wages, and the victim’s physical pain and emotional suffering.

Why boat accidents happen in South Florida

Most boat accidents happen because the boat operators don’t understand how to navigate or operate their water vessels. The rules for boats are not remotely comparable to the rules for land vehicles. While boating education and training is a must, it is not a requirement for most adult Florida operators. Many operators don’t take the time to inspect their boat, to learn the safety rules, or know what to do if a boating accident occurs. Common boating accidents involve:

  • Intoxicated boat operators
  • Reckless or speeding boat operators
  • Marina accidents
  • Fueling and refueling explosions
  • Boat ejections
  • Speeding
  • Not looking out for swimmers and other small crafts
  • Bad boat design or poor repair
  • Hitting a pier or bridge
  • Overcrowding

Watercrafts that are often involved in boating accidents are cruise ships, ferries, charter boats, cabin cruisers, runabouts, kayaks, sailboats, inflatable boats, canoes, and yachts. When jet-skis fail, the user may have a claim against the manufacturer. The operator of the boat is the primary defendant, but often our Fort Lauderdale boat accident lawyers will bring claims against the owners of the boat as well.

Speak with a caring South Florida boating accident attorney today

At Yeboah Law Group, we have the knowledge to successfully litigate boating accident cases in federal and state courts. We work with the Coast Guard, local maritime officials, and our own experts to determine how the water accident happened and who is responsible. We understand how to prove negligence. Our Fort Lauderdale boating accident attorneys bring punitive damage claims when boat operators recklessly put adventure and good times ahead of safety. For strong advocacy and compassionate counsel, please call 1-800-TELL-SAM or fill out our contact form to schedule a free consultation.

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