Seat Belt Safety

Seatbelt Safety Laws in Florida

Seat Belt Safety Laws in Florida

Learn the facts about seat belt safety laws in Florida

Seat belts save lives. It’s a slogan that most Americans are used to hearing. “The best way folks can protect themselves in their cars is by wearing a seat belt. Whether you’re a driver or passenger, in the front seat or back, the simple act of wearing a seat belt significantly reduces the risk of fatality and major injury in a crash,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx. But surprisingly, not everyone believes it or goes to the trouble of buckling up before they hit the road, and every day in the U.S., Americans are severely injured. Some die needlessly in traffic crashes because they did not use seatbelts.

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Seat belt use is at an all-time high nationally

New data from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) from mid-2016 shows daytime seatbelt use reached 90.1% in states with primary seat belt enforcement laws, which is up from the 88.5% figure of the year before. The NOPUS study (National Occupant Protection Use Survey) collects and analyzes data on seatbelt use, child restraints, motorcycle helmet use and driver electronic device use.

Does seat belt use really make a difference in saving lives?

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that seat belts reduce serious crash-related injuries and death by about half, and that they saved about 12,802 lives in 2014. Primary enforcement seat belt laws have an influence on encouraging people to buckle their seat belts. Florida has had a primary enforcement seat belt law since 1986, which means that an officer can pull a vehicle over and issue a citation after observing that the driver or a passenger is not wearing a seat belt.

The NHTSA reports that there were 768 traffic fatalities with unrestrained passengers and 598 fatalities involving restrained passengers. Estimated lives saved at the current rate of seatbelt use is 962, and the estimated potential lives saved if seatbelt use was at 100% in the state of Florida would be 187. (NHTSA)

Seat belt safety tips

Wearing a seat belt on every trip for every passenger in the vehicle is a habit that parents must model for their children who will be drivers one day. Habits learned in childhood can keep them safe as adults. Parents can set the right example by always using a seat belt regardless of the length of the trip.

  • Make sure that their child is properly buckled up in a car seat or booster seat appropriate to the child’s height and weight
  • Never place a rear-facing child safety seat in front of an air bag
  • Buckle your child in the middle back seat, which is the safest spot in the vehicle
  • Remember that seat belt laws apply to everyone in the vehicle, not just the driver (CDC)

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