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Accidents in Construction Zones in Fort Lauderdale & South Florida

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As you drive down a familiar stretch of roadway you might see a yellow sign that says, “Road Construction Ahead.” You groan because you know that road construction causes backups, which will make your trip that much longer. As you navigate the cones that demarcate the new lane structure, you see flashing lights ahead because there has been an accident.

You might be a construction worker just trying to do your job when you get struck by a motorist who was not paying attention to all the warning signs in the construction zone.

Yeboah Law Group represents those who are injured in construction zone traffic crashes whether construction workers not covered by workers’ compensation or those who are injured in crashes with other motorists in a construction zone accident. Our Fort Lauderdale injury lawyers offer free consultations to discuss your legal options and we fight for every dollar of compensation that is due to you when you have been hurt and someone else can be held responsible for the damages you have suffered.

What causes highway construction zone accidents?

Highway construction zones are notoriously dangerous. NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) tracks the number of traffic fatalities in construction work zones; Florida had 11 deaths and thousands of injuries in 2015.

There can be several factors that contribute to construction zone accidents. In a highway construction zone, the usually clear roadway is now re-arranged sometimes using jersey barriers and sometimes with temporary signs and traffic cones. When a three or four lane roadway converges down to a single lane to get past the construction zone, there can be aggressive or impatient drivers who are not paying attention to the signs and re-configured road markings and end up side-swiping or rear-ending another vehicle. Sometimes, drivers do not slow down in time to allow construction vehicles to safely enter or exit the construction project site and all other manner of confusion can lead to accidents.

Other causes of construction zone accidents might include:

  • Speeding
  • Construction debris
  • Improperly marked construction areas
  • Uneven traffic lanes
  • Construction worker entering traffic lanes
  • Road rage
  • Inattentive flag attendant
  • Decreased visibility

Types of construction zone accidents

The Federal Highway Administration (FHA), which is a part of the federal Department of Transportation (DOT) has oversight for highway construction zones. FHA reports that in 2014 there were 669 fatalities in work zones, which accounts for about 2% of roadway fatalities nationwide. There are many different types of accidents that can occur in construction zones. Here are a few examples:

  • Collisions with equipment or other objects
  • Sideswipe collisions
  • Rear-end crashes
  • Cars crashing into construction vehicles entering or exiting construction site

Workers injured in road construction zone traffic crashes

The FHA reports on worker fatalities in construction zone accidents, which account for between 1.5 and 3% of all workplace fatalities annually. Fortunately, road construction zone fatalities have been declining since 2005. In 2014, there were 119 roadway construction worker fatalities, which is down 28% from 2005 and 13% from the previous year. The primary cause of worker fatalities at construction zone accidents includes:

  • Run overs/back overs (by construction vehicles) (48%)
  • Collision between vehicles/mobile equipment 14%
  • Caught between/struck by construction equipment and objects 14%

Regular employees who are injured on the job have the option of filing a workers’ compensation claim, but those workers who are independent contractors, or for whatever reason not eligible for workers’ compensation, may be able to file negligence lawsuits to recover compensation for their injuries. An experienced Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorney from Yeboah Law Group will fight on your behalf to make sure that you obtain the compensation you deserve.

The Florida Department of Transportation has established a program called, FDOT’s Work Zone Fatality Reduction Strategies, and it includes:

  • Motorist Awareness System (MAS)
  • Temporary Raised Rumble Strips for Flagging Operations
  • In-depth Process Reviews/Training
  • Public Service Announcements

These initiatives are part of the state’s effort to lose the distinction of being one of the top three states with the most work zone fatalities.

How a Fort Lauderdale car accident and construction zone attorney can help

If you sustained an injury in a car accident in a construction zone, and you have required medical care and lost time at work you may benefit from having a conversation with a lawyer. If you are a worker, the owner of the site or those supervising the construction project have a legal obligation to ensure worker safety. If their negligence or failure to follow safety regulations was the cause of the accident and your injury, they can be held liable. Even if a worker is eligible for workers’ compensation, we can still file a third-party lawsuit to recover compensation from a reckless or negligent driver who caused your injury. Our compassionate and knowledgeable injury attorneys are here to obtain justice for you.

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