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One of the biggest hurdles to safety that motorcyclists must overcome is how difficult it is to see them in traffic alongside larger motor vehicles. Another safety hazard for motorcyclists is the parts and equipment on their bikes. They can be the safest drivers who obey the speed limit and all of the traffic laws, but still end up suffering an injury because of defective equipment.  Faulty brakes, steering equipment, handlebars, tires or fuel lines can cause a disaster if they fail while the rider is on the highway.

Our Miami motorcycle accident lawyers at the Yeboah Law Group bring injury lawsuits on behalf of clients who suffer serious injuries in motorcycle crashes. We fight for fair compensation for our clients who are often left with life-altering injuries.

Defective motorcycle parts and recalls

Every part on a motorcycle has a vital role to play, and when one of those parts is defective by design or a manufacturing error it can cause the rider to lose control of the bike and cause a crash. Some of the more common types of motorcycle equipment defects include the following:

  • Brakes
  • Tires
  • Fuel system
  • Shock absorbers
  • Chain failure
  • Helmet

If it is a known defect, either the manufacturer of the defective part, or the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) can initiate a safety recall of the part or the entire vehicle for repairs. During a safety recall, the manufacturer files a public report which describes the defect, what vehicle model year or type of equipment, a description of any major event that brought on the recall, how the defect will be corrected and the schedule for the recall process. Whether the recall is initiated by the manufacturer or by the NHTSA, the NHTSA monitors the recall to make sure that consumers receive a remedy in compliance with the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1966, which governs safety recalls.

The NHTSA website maintains a database of motor vehicle recalls. Consumers can visit and type in the VIN number to find out if their motorcycle or its parts are subject to a recall, and whether that vehicle has been repaired as a part of a safety recall in the last 15 years. You can also subscribe and have any new recall information emailed to you.

If the NHTSA or manufacturers have recalled a part, it does not protect them from liability for injuries that occur because of the defective part, neither does the fact that a part has been recalled mean that your case will be an automatic slam-dunk. The injured party must still prove that his or her injury was a direct result of the defective part’s malfunctioning.

Examples of recent defective motorcycle part recalls

The following are examples of motorcycles and parts that have been subject to safety recalls:

  • Harley-Davidson
  • Kawasaki
  • Yamaha
  • Honda
  • Polaris
  • Suzuki

Who can be held responsible for injuries caused by defective motorcycle parts?

If you can prove that your accident and injuries were because of a defective motorcycle part, you may be able to hold the manufacturer of the part and other parties within the chain of commerce (part wholesalers, retailers) responsible as well.

Working with a Miami motorcycle accident attorney gives you access to a professional who has the skill and experience to investigate your accident, determine who is at fault, and hold the responsible party liable for your injuries.

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