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Federal law prohibits discrimination in the workplace based on race, color, religion, sex, natural origin, disability, or age. Employers may not discriminate in any aspect of employment including hiring, firing, pay, work assignments, training, promotions, layoffs, benefits, or any other term or condition of employment in companies with 15 or more employees. (Title VII)

Employment practices which have, “a negative impact on the employment of people of a particular [class] and is not job-related and necessary to the operation of the business,” may be against the law. Employees who believe that they have been discriminated against at their place of employment may have grounds to file a claim and be entitled to recover compensation under federal law and Florida law.

The knowledgeable Miami employment discrimination attorneys at the Yeboah Law Group are here to protect your right to be treated fairly at work. If you would like to discuss what is happening to you and learn more about your legal rights, we invite you to schedule a no-obligation consultation now.

Gender discrimination and pregnancy discrimination

It is illegal to discriminate based on gender under federal and state law. While women have made and continue to make significant contributions in the workplace, gender discrimination still exists. Outmoded stereotypes regarding gender roles, and making decisions about work assignments based on perceptions about an individual’s abilities based on his or her gender continue to create difficult challenges at work for millions of Americans.

Pregnancy discrimination is a form of gender discrimination, and for this reason, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was amended in 1978 to protect pregnant employees against discrimination. The portions of the law that forbid discrimination “because of sex” or “on the basis of sex” includes a prohibition against discrimination “because of or on the basis of pregnancy, childbirth or relate medical conditions.” Anyone who is discriminated against at work because of pregnancy may have grounds to file a Title VII discrimination claim.

Questions and answers about pregnancy discrimination

Q: Can my boss fire me because I am pregnant?

A: No. It is illegal to base a hiring or firing or any other employment-related decision on an employee’s gender.

Q: My boss is talking about reducing my hours, is penalizing me for missing work to do prenatal doctor visits, and has made comments about what I am unable to do at work because of my pregnancy. Is this discrimination?

A:  An employer may not treat an employee unfavorably because she is pregnant. Yes, what you describe is discriminatory practices.

Q: I believe that I was overlooked for a promotion that I have worked hard for when my manager found out that I was pregnant. Is this grounds for a Title VII claim for discrimination?

A:  Passing an employee over for a promotion solely based on her being pregnant is a violation of the law. You may want to discuss the details of your case with a Miami employment discrimination lawyer now.

Damages available under Title VII

An individual who sues his or her employer for discrimination may be entitled to the following:

  • Reinstatement of job and promotion
  • Lost wages and other losses
  • Financial compensation
  • Injunctive relief, which means that the employers must make changes to their policies to end their discriminatory practices
  • Payment of attorney fees

Working with a Miami employment discrimination attorney

Employees who believe that they have been subject to gender discrimination by their employer might benefit from hiring a skilled employment discrimination attorney to represent them. The first step is to file a complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). This is not a lawsuit, rather the EEOC will try to broker a mutually agreeable solution between the parties. If the case is not resolved with the EEOC, the agency may file a lawsuit on the employee’s behalf, or they can issue a, “right to sue” letter and the employee may file a civil lawsuit on his or her own. There is a time limit of 300 days from the alleged act of discrimination to take legal action under federal law and one year under Florida law.

Contact a skilled South Florida employment discrimination lawyer now

If you believe that you are being treated unfairly at work, and then you begin to see signs of other people being treated differently, you may be dealing with workplace discrimination, which is against the law and is grounds for legal action. The skilled Miami employment discrimination attorneys of Yeboah Law Group are here to represent your interests and fight for your right to be treated fairly in the workplace.  We can make sure that your case qualifies for an official claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) and the Florida Commission on Human Relations is appropriate. Contact us today for trustworthy guidance and a commitment to your case. You can call us at 1-800-TELL-SAM or complete our contact form to schedule a free consultation.

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