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Miami is known both locally and nationally as a destination for recreation and outdoor activities. With all those activities and events, and the travel to and from each, comes the increased risk of accidents on the roadways. The area is also known for its vibrant community of active older adults, who are also at risk for abuse from their caregivers. In addition, residents and visitors are at risk of all types of personal injury, from slip and fall accidents to product liability. With the help of Miami personal injury attorneys at Yeboah Law Group, P.A. there are avenues for seeking justice and financial restitution from negligent and careless parties.

Determining when an accident was caused by negligent behavior

The saying “accidents happen” is true. Some accidents are merely bad luck on the part of all involved. More often, though, accidents occur because, on some level, carelessness or negligence transpired. When a legally responsible person or party fails to follow through on his or her due diligence, whether from lack of knowledge or time or even deliberate ill will, the law holds that person to account for any damage that results. That damage can be physical, as in the case of property damage or injury, or less tangible, in the case of pain, loss of companionship, or mental anguish. It’s vital to work with a Miami personal injury lawyer to accurately determine whether the situation you’ve encountered is legally indefensible.

We routinely help people who have sustained an injury because of:

From Jones Act claims under maritime laws to the wrongful death of a loved one, there is no case too challenging for out Miami injury attorneys to tackle. We also represent clients in EEOC and other discrimination claims.

Holding nursing homes accountable

One of the most common issues we see in Miami is nursing home abuse or negligence. In our community, it is imperative that we properly care for our elders. Often, this takes the form of full-time nursing or specialized medical housing. The workers, either medical or otherwise, who undertake these services have particular duties with clients who may, for medical reasons, be difficult or uncooperative. Regardless of the stubbornness of the patient, the caregiver still has the onus of providing the highest possible care with the least restriction possible. When this contract and duty is transgressed, either through frustration, lack of knowledge, or outright ill will, a crime may have been committed.

Due to the fragility of many older patients, it can sometimes be challenging to appropriately document that such abuse has taken place. The assistance of a Fort Lauderdale nursing home abuse attorney in gathering and logging evidence is vital for a successful legal claim.

Recovery after vehicular accidents

Other common cases we handle in Miami are cartruck, and motorcycle accidents. In most traffic accidents, someone is at fault for recklessness or carelessness that led to the collision. The long-term effects of vehicular accidents can’t be overstated either, between physical injuries and emotional trauma.

The law makes provisions for victims in these cases, for their present and future medical bills, lost wages and loss of future earnings, and physical pain and the emotional anguish felt by them and by their families. But these resources are only available to those who are able to successfully navigate the convoluted legal system, which can be an insurmountable challenge if the victim is still coping with the effects of their accident. That’s where an experienced, empathetic, and tenacious Miami motor vehicle lawyer can be of service. We handle complex claims involving defective products or negligent drivers, and help clients embroiled in PIP disputes. Our goal is to help victims and their loved ones focus on what’s really important after an auto or truck accident: healing.

Types of Cases We Handle

Our Miami attorneys handle a variety of cases, including:

Car AccidentsTruck AccidentsMotorcycle Accidents
PIP FAQsWrongful DeathNursing Home Negligence
Product LiabilityPremises LiabilityEmployment Discrimination
Maritime Law

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No judge, court decision, or amount of money can reverse time and undo the effects of a personal injury, from any cause or source. What a judge, court, or funds can do, however, is to mitigate and alleviate the anxieties of life after an accident. The resources gained through a personal injury lawsuit can help families move onwards in their journey, instead of focusing on the stress and pain of looking backwards. Call Yeboah Law Group now at 954-764-2338 or complete our contact form to schedule a no-cost consultation.

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