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Premises liability is an area of law which covers the duty of property owners to maintain their property in safe condition for those who visit whether as guests, customers or clients.  If you are visiting someone else’s property, for example, walking into a convenience store to buy milk on the way home and you get shot when the store is robbed, that might be a case of negligent security. Another example might occur when you are seated at the bar in a club when you are assaulted by another patron, or if your child was injured at an amusement park. Negligent security claims hold the property owner or manager responsible for the harm that befalls visitors because of unsafe conditions on their property.

At the Yeboah Law Group, we have compassion for our clients who have suffered injuries because of someone else’s negligence, and we fight aggressively to protect their right to recover compensation. You never have to worry about being able to afford a good premises liability lawyer because we take cases on contingency. So, you do not pay any legal fees unless we win compensation for you.

What is premises liability?

If you have suffered an injury while you were on someone else’s property, you may be able to take legal action against the responsible party for your injuries and other losses. Property owners owe the invited visitors to their property a duty of care to keep them safe from foreseeable hazards, which includes providing adequate security.

Who has an obligation to provide adequate security?

Property owners and managers, landlords of apartment buildings and homes, homeowners, security officers have an obligation to protect the safety of customers and clients and others who are invited to enter the property. Depending on the circumstances, adequate security might include hiring security guards, installing security lighting, installing locks, security cameras, fences and burglar alarms.

What must I prove to win a negligent security case?

In a premises liability claim, the plaintiff (the injured person) must prove that the defendant (property owner or responsible party) had a duty to provide adequate security, failed to do so, and this failure caused the plaintiff’s injuries. (it is never as simple as that, but this is just to give you an overview).

What are the benefits of working with a Boca Raton attorney?

When you work with an experienced Boca Raton premises liability lawyer from the Yeboah Law Group, you will benefit from the knowledge they have gained representing many clients before you who have been injured. We represent you in settlement negotiations with the defendant’s insurance company or we do not hesitate to take your case to court if that is what is required for you to get the compensation that is due to you.

There is no way to guarantee that a property will be 100% safe, but if you were attacked or assaulted because the property owner did not take the steps necessary to ensure the safety of patrons and visitors, you may be able to hold the property owner accountable for your injuries. Whether you will be able to pursue a case against the property owner depends on the circumstances of the case. You will need a competent, Boca Raton premises liability attorney to investigate the incident, research recent criminal activity in that location and close by, and they will assess what, if any, security measures were in place at the time of the incident.

Our skilled attorneys know the law and the legal system and we are thoroughly versed in the intricacies of the complex area of premises liability. The legal team at the Yeboah Law Group will fight for your interests and to win the most compensation for your injuries and losses.

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