Boca Raton Maritime Law Attorneys Answers Questions About Workplace Injuries at Sea

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Given that Florida is surrounded by water, there are many different types of maritime disputes. When an injury or a crime takes place on a ship, when either commercial or recreational boats collide or when there is a fire aboard a ship, there is a unique body of laws which govern offshore activities.

The skilled Boca Raton maritime law attorneys at the Yeboah Law Group understand the complexity of this specialized area of law. If you have suffered a workplace injury as a seaman aboard a ship, you need an attorney who is knowledgeable about Jones Act claims. You are welcome to take advantage of our free consultations to discuss your case and learn about the next steps.

Questions and answers about injuries at sea

Seamen and other workers on ships are not covered by workers’ compensation, but on laws such as the Jones Act. Here are a few common questions related to workplace injuries at sea:

Q: What is Maritime, or Admiralty, law?

A: Maritime and Admiralty laws govern crimes, accidents, injuries, business transactions and contracts that take place on the ocean, coastal waterways, lakes and rivers. These bodies of law determine the legal right and remedies a person might have based on something that occurred offshore on navigable waterways. It governs injuries on cruise ships, boating accidents, personal injuries to seamen, accidents on charter boats, SCUBA diving accidents and personal watercraft accidents.

Q: What is the Jones Act?

A: The Jones Act (46 USC section 883)  controls coastwise trade within the United States, and determines which ships may lawfully engage in that trade and rules under which they must operate. (The Maritime Law Center)

The Jones Act covers all crew members who work on a ship, and it allows seamen to bring an injury claim against their employer if their negligence or that of a coworker was responsible for causing their injury.

Q: What are some examples of workplace injuries covered under the Jones Act and Maritime Law?

A: Some of the common injuries workers might incur while working on a seagoing vessel include:

  • Head injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Broken bones, limb loss
  • Slip and fall injuries

Q: What causes some of the workplace injuries that seamen suffer?

A: If an employer fails to maintain the safety of the ship’s equipment, provide adequate training, is negligent in hiring crew members, give warning of known hazards on the ship, require the use of safety gear and many other forms of negligence, a seaman may be able to take legal action against their employer and recover compensation for their injuries.

Q: What compensation is an injured seaman entitled to?

A: Like workers’ compensation, when a seaman suffers an injury at work, he may recover what is called, “maintenance and cure” from his employer. This compensation is not dependent on proving fault. Maintenance covers lost wages and cure covers medical expenses incurred because of the workplace accident. An experienced Boca Raton maritime law attorney can give you much more in-depth information about the compensation that might be available depending on the facts of your case.

Q: How long might a seaman collect maintenance and cure?

A: An injured seaman can collect maintenance and cure until they have reached maximum medical improvement.

Q: What remedies are available to the family of a seaman who dies at sea in a workplace accident?

A: The Death on The High Seas Act (DOHSA) provides wrongful death remedies to the heirs of seamen who suffer wrongful death on the high seas. Unlike wrongful death remedies for an accidental death that occurs on dry land, heirs under DOHSA may not recover compensation for pain and suffering, loss of support or any other non-economic damages. It is strictly limited to compensation for the loss of the deceased economic contributions to his dependents.

Work with a Boca Raton workplace injury attorney who understands maritime law

Because an injury that occurs at sea is different from one the occurs on land, it is vital that you work with a lawyer who understands the statutes of limitations for these cases, and all the other details of your case.

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If you suffer a workplace injury and you job is that of a seaman, or any other occupation where you work offshore such as on an oil rig, there is a separate area of law which governs how you may be compensated. You can trust Yeboah Law Group to provide you with aggressive maritime law representation. Just a minute away from Publix Super Market at Fifth Avenue Shops, you are welcome to call us today at 1-800-TELL-SAM or complete our contact form to schedule a free consultation.

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