Woman Survives 34-Foot Fall from Daytona Beach Roller CoasterGood Morning America  profiled a Kentucky mother, Amanda Bostic, who fell more than 30 feet after the roller coaster she was riding derailed. The 34-year old was just one of the survivors. About 10 other people who were riding the roller coaster, called Sandblaster, were taken to hospitals when the roller coaster accident occurred.

The mother, who was in the first car, was praying for her life as she fell. She said, when she woke up from being knocked out, that she had heard the other riders’ screams. She recalled “hot, yellow flames.” After the derailment, the roller coaster was “hanging off the rails.” She recalls hearing screeches and sounds that weren’t normal.

Ms. Bostic was vacationing in Daytona Beach, Florida with her two sons. She was using the roller coaster seat belt which was secured by a worker before the ride started. The mother of two said that the roller coaster was going unusually fast. As it navigated a turn, she said it felt like the coaster wasn’t completely attached to the rail tracks. She said she “was scared and I was praying it was over.”

The Daytona Beach Fire Department was called to the scene after it had received a number of 911 emergency calls. When the responders arrived, eight riders were still trapped. The first car, Ms. Bostic’s car, was completely off the rails. According to some witnesses, Ms. Bostic “bounced from support beam to support beam like a pinball.”

Ms. Bostic suffered a concussion, extensive bruises, and cuts. A concussion is often a sign of a traumatic brain injury (TBI). A TBI can cause long-term physical pain, emotional suffering, and loss of cognitive abilities.

Roller coaster accidents in Florida

Florida attracts numerous out-of-state tourists year-round. A lot of tourists come here to visit Disney World and Universal Studios, as well as local water parks. The owners of amusement and theme parks owe a high duty of care to their paying customers. This care includes designing equipment that is safe and conducting routine inspections. If roller coasters or other rides pose a risk to the public, the rides should be stopped until repairs can be made.

If a ride is defective and the defect causes injuries or death to the riders, then the makers of the rides and the parks may be subject to strict liability. Strict liability means there is no need to prove fault. If the ride was poorly designed or poorly maintained and the ride caused injuries, the victims can bring a personal injury claim.

If you were injured, or someone you know was killed, in a roller coaster ride or any other type of park ride, you have the right to hold negligent property owners and other responsible parties liable. At Yeboah Law Group, our Fort Lauderdale premises liability lawyers have obtained numerous large verdicts and settlements on behalf of many of our clients. To speak with a strong advocate, please phone us at (800) TELL-SAM or complete our contact form to make an appointment. We take accident cases on a contingency fee basis.