Where Are You Most Likely to Suffer a Slip and Fall in Fort Lauderdale?

Where Are You Most Likely to Suffer a Slip and Fall in Fort Lauderdale?Slip and falls can happen anywhere, and you never think it will happen to you. Most victims do not realize the danger until they are on the floor, wondering how they got there. Preventing a slip and fall is not your responsibility, but the property owner’s.

When property owners are negligent, it can lead to injuries and losses. These negligent parties must pay for your injuries, and a Fort Lauderdale premises liability attorney can help you get this vital compensation.

Common places for Fort Lauderdale slip and fall accidents

A slip and fall can happen anywhere there are dangerous conditions. Some areas are notorious for slip and falls. Be wary of slip and falls in these places:

  • Sidewalks: Many people do not think that a slip and fall on the sidewalk can result in serious injuries or that anyone is responsible for those injuries. However, either property owners or the city are responsible for keeping sidewalks free of danger. If there is a crack, uneven slope, or more, it can lead to a dangerous situation.
  • Parking lots: Property owners are responsible for maintaining their parking lots by removing debris and ensuring adequate lighting and security. If they fail to do so, guests and customers can suffer injuries from slip and falls, or assaults.
  • Grocery stores: Wet floors are notorious for causing slip and falls in grocery stores, but debris is another contributing factor. When stock clerks leave merchandise on the floor unattended, customers can also trip or hurt themselves.
  • Malls: These retail areas have many stores and places where customers can injure themselves. Store employees must work with mall owners to ensure there are no dangers for shoppers. Additionally, an injury at the mall can complicate liability.
  • Workplaces: The potential for a slip and fall is prevalent on a construction site or in an office. Workplaces can have uneven flooring, like loose carpets or cords and debris on the ground.

While you should wear comfortable and well-fitted footwear, failure to have adequate footwear does not exempt you from filing an injury claim. Keep your eyes peeled and report any hazardous conditions to property owners when shopping; look for wet floors and other signage that warns you of hazards. If a wet floor sign is present, it can hinder your premise liability claim.

Causes of Fort Lauderdale slip and falls

When you think of slip and fall, your mind goes to a wet floor, but there are other reasons these accidents happen. Common causes of slip and falls include:

  • Inadequate lighting
  • Malfunctioning elevators or escalators
  • Cracked and uneven sidewalks
  • Electrical cords
  • Uprooted carpets


Any hazard on the floor can lead to a slip and fall.

Common injuries from slip and falls

How the accident occurs will determine the type and severity of your injuries. After a slip and fall accident, you can experience injuries like:

This list does not limit the injuries you can suffer; many others can happen after a slip and fall.

What you must prove for a successful slip and fall claim in Fort Lauderdale

In South Florida, you must prove the property owner failed to remedy a dangerous condition that led to your injuries. Fort Lauderdale premises liability lawyers must also show the business or property owner had notice of the situation, or should have known about it. When you file a claim, you must prove the following:

  • You slipped and fell on someone else’s property
  • The substance you slipped on created a dangerous condition
  • The property owner should have reasonably known about the condition
  • The property owner should have fixed it
  • The property owner did not fix it

You will need substantial evidence to prove each element in your premises liability claim. The most contentious item is whether the property owner knew about the dangerous condition. A Fort Lauderdale premises liability lawyer can gather evidence and prove that you deserve compensation for your injuries.

Statute of limitations for premises liability claims in South Florida

Slip and fall victims must file a claim in Florida four years from the accident date. Injury victims must file a claim within the deadline because they lose their compensation rights if they do not. You must try to negotiate with the property owner’s insurance company and reach a resolution. Before you file a lawsuit, you can pursue other legal remedies. If all efforts do not get you closer to the compensation you need, you can take the appropriate steps into litigation.

Who is liable for a slip and fall?

Liability is complex in some cases because there is no clear property ownership. The property owner is responsible for injuries invited guests suffer on the property. Your Fort Lauderdale premises liability lawyer can address liability issues and determine who must pay for your damages.

However, Florida is a comparative negligence state, meaning both parties can share responsibility. If you contribute to your fall, your award will be lowered by the fault you carry. Suppose you trip over an unattended object, and the property owner is responsible. But they found that you were running in the area you were not supposed to be. Running contributes to your slip and fall, so the court could reduce your award. This is why you want an experienced attorney on your side.

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