When You Hit the Beach and the Beach Hits Back

 When You Hit the Beach and the Beach Hits BackLiving near the beach and the ocean down here in Florida is, for many, the perfect lifestyle. It’s likely the reason so many people flock to our state for vacations to enjoy some sun and sand. However, injuries and accidents can ruin a day – or worse – no matter how beautiful the scenery and setting is. While some types of accidents can happen anywhere at any time, there are also some accidents that are more common to beach communities.

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Common accidents we see in beach towns

Suffering an injury or being involved in an accident is the last thing anyone is expecting when embarking out for a day at the beach, vacationing, or even just running some everyday errands. However, it does happen. Some of the more typical hazards of beach living include:

  • Car accidents. With the popularity of beaches like North Miami Beach, Hollywood, and more located directly off Routes 1 and A1A, traffic can get heavy. Who’s not familiar with A1A’s famous strip – Beachfront Avenue, South Beach? And with more cars and vehicles on the road, your chances of being involved in a car or motorcycle wreck get higher. Unfortunately, careless drivers are everywhere – especially in beach towns where people may be unfamiliar with local roads and traffic patterns.
  • Water and beach injuries. Accidents can happen both in the ocean and in pools. Negligent lifeguard behavior can lead to tragic consequences like near-fatal or fatal drownings. Other common causes of water-related injuries include diving accidents, electrocution, pool drain accidents and water-borne illnesses.
  • Hotel and resort accidents. Resorts and hotels have a duty to keep their premises safe for guests and visitors. When they don’t, guests can suffer accidents and injuries from slip and falls or even assaults. Popular beach resort destinations in Florida include The Breakers, Palm Beach; Ritz-Carlton, Fort Lauderdale; Parrot Key Hotel & Resort, Key West; Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island; Pier House Resort & Spa, Key West; Disney & Universal, Orlando; Marco Island Marriot Beach Resort, Golf Club & Spa; Trump National Doral Miami; and Fontainebleau, Miami.
  • Parking lot accidents. Beach towns have a lot of places to shop and eat, which means parking can be at a premium. Even though we’re supposed to drive slowly in parking lots, accidents still occur and they can still be serious. Pedestrian accidents or side-impact accidents are common, often resulting in injuries.
  • Assaults. Sadly, assaults and injuries can occur anywhere. Whether you’re at your favorite beach club or bar, or walking from a parking garage to your hotel room, these places all have a responsibility to keep you reasonably safe from assault or attack. Negligent or non-existent security can fail to prevent physical violence like stabbings, muggings, gun violence, or sexual assault.
  • Sexual harassment. Living in a beach town offers many unique employment opportunities. However, this doesn’t exempt anyone from being exposed to possible sexual harassment. Workplace discrimination and hostile behavior is illegal and shouldn’t be tolerated in any work environment.
  • Uber & Lyft accidents. Ridesharing apps have exploded in popularity over the last few years. And in tourist and beach towns like Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale, Uber and Lyft are great ways to get around. However, accidents can happen with ridesharing too. Uber and Lyft drivers don’t have any special training and are at as much risk to be involved in an accident as anyone else on the road.
  • Boating accidents. With hundreds of miles of shoreline in South Florida, boating is a popular activity with locals and tourists alike. Thousands of vessels take to the water every day – but careless or reckless boat operators can cause tragic accidents. Drivers under the influence of alcohol, operator inexperience, or excessive speed are typically the most common reasons for boating accidents.
  • Theme park accidents. Amusement and theme parks offer visitors fun and thrilling rides and adventure. And Florida has no shortage of fun, with theme parks like Disney World, Universal Studios, SeaWorld, Jungle Island and Blue Lagoon. However, amusement park fun should never include accidents and injuries – whether from malfunctioning rides to slip and falls.

Common injuries from beach-related accidents

Just as there are many different types of accidents a person might be involved in, there are also a number of different injuries a person might suffer. Any type of personal injury can result in months or even years of recovery time – causing time off work, lost wages and piles of medical bills. Whether an injury is minor or severe, it could cause chronic pain or complications, altering your life forever.

We’ve helped our clients secure compensation for beach town injuries like:

Chances are, when you suffer an injury, anyone and everyone involved will do their best to deny responsibility. It’s crucial your rights are protected.

We help prove liability for your accident

Significant injuries result in significant medical bills. And, depending on how long you need to recover, they also result in lost wages and future earning capacity. You may even need financial assistance for long-term physical therapy and care. That’s why proving liability for your beach accident and injuries is so important.

When your accident occurs somewhere like a hotel, theme park, club, or resort beach, a personal injury claim would typically fall under premises liability law. This means that property owners here in Florida have a duty to ensure their property is safe for guests and visitors. And, if a lawful visitor is injured on their property, the injured person may have a right to compensation. The injured party needs to prove that the property owner was aware an unsafe condition existed and didn’t repair or warn of the condition.

Examples of premises liability claims might be pool drownings due to negligent lifeguards, trip and falls on broken beach boardwalks, or falling merchandise at a retail store.

In other cases like motor vehicle accidents or assaults, you and your attorney would file a personal injury claim. Our legal team works to prove responsibility on the part of the person or entity that caused your accident.

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