What You Should Know about Broadside Collisions

What You Should Know about Broadside Collisions Broadside crashes, including T-bone crashes, are among the deadliest types of car accidents. In a T-bone crash, the front of one car rams into the side of another car. The drivers and passengers of both cars are likely to suffer serious injuries or die. Any broadside collision can cause one or both cars to spin out of control causing a multi-vehicle chain of crashes.

Broadside accidents cause a lot of harm to the occupants and damage to the cars because one vehicle is usually traveling at a high rate of speed. Often, the occupants in the car that is struck can’t anticipate being hit. Side airbags may not operate or may not protect the occupant. A side of a car doesn’t protect the occupants like the hood or rear of the car.

Why T-bone broadside car accidents occur

Usually a T-bone crash happens because of the negligence of one driver. Broadside accident causes include:

  • One car navigating an intersection incorrectly, like running through a red light or a stop sign;
  • A car failing to yield the right of way at an intersection or when cars are merging;
  • A driver entering another traffic lane incorrectly;
  • A driver who is reckless;
  • Distracted driving;
  • Drivers who operate their vehicle while intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol;
  • Icy or slick roads;
  • Bad weather, including rain, snow, sleet, and a high sun; and
  • Defective auto parts, such as an improperly manufactured steering or braking system.

Common T-Bone broadside collision injuries

A T-bone crash can cause one or more of the drivers or passengers to die. The families of the decedent are entitled to file a wrongful death and survival action against the responsible parties. Injuries may include spinal cord damage, broken bones, paralysis, internal bleeding, nerve damage, muscle or ligament damage, and other injuries that can change a victim’s life for months or forever. The injuries can occur when a victim:

  • Is impaled on the steering column;
  • Strikes the dashboard, the sides of the car, or the windshield;
  • Is struck by flying glass;
  • Is crushed by another car occupant;
  • Is injured by a deploying airbag; or
  • Hits his or her head against the dashboard, steering wheel or headrest.

Broadside collisions also cause extensive damage to one or both cars. In many T-bone car crashes, the cost to repair the car is more than the car is actually worth. Owners of damaged cars have the right to hold responsible drivers accountable for the cost to repair the vehicle or the fair market value of a totaled vehicle.

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