What Causes Boating Accidents in South Florida? Florida has numerous waterways that are ideal for recreational boating and fishing. Far too often boating accidents happen and there are various reasons why. Below we briefly touch upon some of the many ways in which a boating accident occurs.

Some major and common causes of boating accidents Florida include:

Operator inexperience

If a boat operator lacks sufficient experience, he or she may be unaware of all the navigation rules or how to react promptly and safely to sudden changes in the boat or sea. These errors can lead to serious injuries.

Distracted operator

A major cause of boating accidents and fatalities is distracted boat operation. Just as with motor vehicles on highways, boat operators can get distracted by looking away at anything, including tech devices or something else other than the water ahead and any controls in the cockpit.


Speeding on the water can prevent the person driving the boat from reacting quickly enough to an unexpected occurrence or condition. Speeding can lead to serious crashes with watercraft or other objects, resulting in a great risk of injury to all on board as well as others in the water or at a nearby dock.

Negligent lookout or spotter

If your boat has someone on board looking out for storms or other threats approaching, any failure on the part of this individual to do so can place all the occupants of the boat at risk.

Alcohol or drug use

If the lookout person or boat driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, there is a good chance his or her judgment is diminished, leading to poor decisions. The result can be unnecessary injury to you and others, and damage to the boat.

Lack of proper equipment or maintenance

Without a proper boat inspection, the vessel may be unsafe to operate and result in passengers being placed at undue risk. Owners of boats are required to keep water flotation devices on board for every occupant. In addition, if any boat part or equipment possesses a design or manufacturing flaw, the designer or manufacturer may be held liable for any injuries.

Adverse weather conditions

Out on the water, weather conditions can change drastically and quickly. A boat operator making the error of setting sail into dangerous waters despite storm warnings may be subject to an injury claim if you or others are injured as a result.

Failure to follow navigational rules

A boat operator may put passengers at risk by the negligence of not understanding or adhering to navigation rules.

Water surges

If a boat operator drives a boat into water surges even after warnings about those surges have been publicized, the operator may bear liability for any subsequent injuries.

Your boating accident claim

In any boating accident injury lawsuit, you will need to demonstrate the negligence of another party in order to secure compensation for your injuries. Your attorney will investigate your case and determine the liable party or parties. Most of the time, the liable party will be the boat operator, manufacturer, owner, other passengers, or the rental company.

At Yeboah Law Group, we have experience holding responsible parties accountable when they cause boating injuries to our clients. Our team cooperates with local maritime personnel and the Coast Guard to determine when and how an accident happened on the water. Our Ft. Lauderdale boat accident attorneys can determine liability and work to fight for compensation. To get the strong legal representation you need to pursue your financial recovery, give us a call today at 1-800.TELL.SAM or send us a message through our contact form. Our service area covers South Florida, including Miami-Dade.