Safety During the Holiday Boat Parades

Safety During the Holiday Boat ParadesThe holidays are here once again. In other parts of the country, winter parades wind up and down Main Street with Santa Claus waving to everyone, perhaps with a light snow falling. Florida might not have a lot – or any – snow, but we do have lots of water. Down here, a holiday parade means a boat parade—on a lake, canal, or waterway. Think night time, lights twinkling, and festive music pumping across the water.

However, just because it is a parade does not mean you should not practice good boating safety. In fact, you should be extra vigilant since many people might be in an extra “festive” mood. Whether you are participating in a boat parade or there on your boat to watch the show, keep these safety tips in mind when you are out on the water.

Boating safety tips for a happy holiday

Keep this advice in mind for safe participation in parades and safe boating overall.

  • Just like with any vehicle, if there will be any alcohol, assign a “designated skipper” to abstain from drinking and be responsible for driving the boat.
  • Ensure any boat decorations do not impede your vision or safety. Keep lights above deck level to prevent water damage and keep them out of the way while docking.
  • Keep aware of any power cords for holiday lights and hazardous water spots—wrap any connectors or frayed wires with electrical tape.
  • Use only outdoor-rated holiday lights and marine-grade extension cords on a separate breaker.
  • Do not put decorations on your boat that would compromise the stability of your vessel. Keep in mind sudden gusts of wind.
  • Remember you will be driving in the dark. Plan out your route in advance, use your GPS, and be on extra alert.
  • On a related note, navigating at night can be dangerous, so ensure you and your passengers are wearing lifejackets.
  • Always listen to any U.S. Coast Guard or official orders for your own and others’ safety.
  • Get to the parade early and hang around a little later to avoid the rush.

Of course, the most important thing is to have a great time and not end up on anyone’s naughty list!

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