Requisite PIP Insurance in Florida is More Than Red Tape

Requisite PIP Insurance in Florida is More Than Red TapeLawmakers in Florida, in order to combat a rising tide of auto accident claims and the need to provide fairly quick payment for medical treatment of accident victims, signed the Florida No-Fault statute into law requiring that everyone who owns a registered vehicle in Florida maintain Personal Injury Protection, or PIP, insurance.

Florida Statute 627.730 – 627.7405 is known as the Florida Motor Vehicle No-Fault Law. It requires that every owner or registrant of a motor vehicle (other than buses, limousines or taxis) carry PIP insurance. Florida is one of at least ten states with PIP insurance, and Florida requires a minimum of up to $10,000.00 in PIP coverage.

The purpose of PIP insurance is to provide a safety net for anyone involved in an auto accident. So, regardless of fault or personal insurance status, the injured person is able to receive the medical treatment needed. It also helps to avoid the consequences of lengthy delays in the court system in determining fault. PIP also works to ensure that, even if you do or do not have health insurance, your care is paid for—including lost wages—in a timely fashion after an auto accident. When our clients run into disputes in this area, and the auto insurance company who sold the policy of insurance (a contract to provide benefits to the insured) drags its feet about payment for care, our Miami PIP lawyers step in.

Yeboah Law Group, P.A., represents medical providers such as chiropractors, MRI facilities, orthopedic physicians and urgent care centers, as well as individuals, across the state in recouping underpaid or unpaid PIP benefit claims.

Case Study: PIP in Ft. Lauderdale

Let’s see how PIP works with a theoretical example, set locally. Imagine Broward Boulevard during a busy weekday morning. Two drivers are en route to an accident, though neither knows it yet. Each carries PIP insurance up to $10,000 in medical and disability, but only one has health insurance—Driver B. Driver A is in an SUV, and is distracted by using a cellular device. Driver B is in a compact car, and is dazzled by sun glare. The two collide head on when Driver A crosses the double yellow line. Ambulances are called, as both drivers are injured but alert.

Driver B has moderate injuries: his total medical bills and lost wages are $12,000. Even though he has health insurance, he still submits the first $10,000 of his bills to his auto insurance company to be covered under PIP. The remainder of the bills are sent to the health insurance company. Driver A has minor injuries that total $3,000. He too submits a claim to his auto insurance company, even though he doesn’t carry personal health insurance.

PIP insurance works to help both drivers in this instance pay for medical treatment and lost wages as applicable. But what happens if one or both auto insurance companies delay payment? In that case, each driver and the medical providers they visited and treated with should visit a personal injury lawyer familiar with PIP lawsuits in order to more forcefully demand rightfully owed payment for care. In these cases, working with an experienced Fort Lauderdale car accident attorney can alleviate financial burdens.

PIP insurance protects more than just drivers

Many people overlook the fact that not all auto accidents happen solely between two automobiles. Pedestrians, passengers, bicyclists, and other outdoor enthusiasts can all be at risk on shared roadways, and can also make claims under PIP in accidents involving cars. PIP also benefits healthcare professionals seeking payment for their labor on behalf of a patient involved in a car accident. Indeed, the entire community is protected and supported by PIP insurance. It’s more than just another piece of red tape or extra cost of car ownership; it’s designed to ensure the safety and stability of the population throughout Ft. Lauderdale and Florida.

PIP is not new to the legal landscape but it still requires skillful navigation. Our attorneys are ready to assist you. Contact the Yeboah Law Group for a free consultation with a professional and adept Fort Lauderdale personal injury protection attorney. Call us now at 954-764-2338 or complete our contact form to learn more about our services.

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