New Ad Highlights the Danger of Driving While High on Marijuana

Driving While High on MarijuanaThe Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, according to the Sun Sentinel, is pushing a new ad called “Drive Baked, Get Busted.” The 30-second spot shows a man getting into car. He looks at the rear-view mirror where he sees a child and other passengers in the back seat. In the next lane, the ad shows a convertible. The viewer can see a bicycle rider in the car’s headlights.

A state trooper then appears by the driver’s window. The trooper warns the driver that the passengers in the rear seat he was looking at can be hurt if the driver doesn’t think about their safety. The trooper also says that drivers need to think about other drivers and passengers on the road (such as the convertible driver and the bicyclist).

The advertisement is part of an educational campaign to prominently show the dangers of using marijuana and then driving a car. The advertisement was introduced in response to Florida’s new health marijuana law. While marijuana may help drivers with their health, everyone needs to understand how dangerous and deadly the combination of marijuana and driving is. The new marijuana law mandated that the state highway department, in addition to creating the ad, establish baselines and tracking data on citations, deaths, arrests, and accidents involving driving under the influence of marijuana.

The impaired driving campaign report of the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles especially targets drivers between 18 and 34 and drivers between 55-years-of-age and 74. The campaign costs about $5 million dollars. The Sun Sentinel is emphasizing that the primary aim of the campaign is to show the link between driving that is marijuana-impaired and serious or deadly accidents. The campaign is required to be conversational in the hope of getting people to change.

How is marijuana use detected?

A lieutenant in the Florida Highway Patrol said that the rules police use for detecting drug use is similar to the rules for detecting drunk driving. The police review the driver’s driving conduct. They then may require that the driver perform field-sobriety tests. The police also try to detect the smell of marijuana, though this might prove impossible if the marijuana was ingested, not smoked.

If the police reasonably suspect a driver was under the influence of marijuana while driving, the driver will likely be asked to take a blood or urine test. Breath tests are primarily used for drivers suspected of using alcohol. Drivers who refuse these chemical tests may risk having their license suspended.

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