Miami Premises Liability for Injuries from Deck and Other Types of Structure CollapsesA deck or balcony can be an ideal spot from which to enjoy the abundant sunshine in Miami. When you are attending a social gathering on someone else’s property and you sustain an injury in a deck collapse, it can be a frightening experience. But is the property owner always at fault when a deck or other structure falls out from under you?

Who can you sue when a deck collapses?

Property owners owe a duty of care to patrons and guests to take reasonable precautions to ensure that the premises is safe from any foreseeable hazards or dangerous conditions. It is the property owner’s responsibility to maintain their property in such a way that minimizes the risk of injury for their guests. In the case of a deck collapse, this might mean that the property owner must make sure to inspect the deck frequently, ensure that the structure complies with local building codes and that they pay attention to the maximum load permitted on the deck.

When a deck, balcony or patio collapses because there are too many people on it, the injuries can be devastating and might include broken bones, lacerations, head injuries and even fatalities in some cases.

In the event of an injury from a deck collapse you may be able to take legal action against the property owner who may be held liable for your injuries and other damages from the accident.

Causes of deck collapses

If the deck is built in compliance with local building codes, frequently inspected and maintained and the load limits are observed, the chances of a deck collapse are far lower. What often ends up being the cause of the collapse of a deck or balcony or other structure is when those precautions are not taken. When the deck is built from inferior materials, when the construction did not comport with building codes, when the structure has not been inspected and rot has begun to weaken the support structures, or the weight load is not being monitored and the structure begins to pull away from the building it was attached to – these are some of the common factors that can cause a porch or deck to collapse.

Injuries from the collapse of a temporary structure

In the same way that property owners may be held liable for injuries from a deck collapse, they may also be held liable when a structure on their property collapses and causes injury. In situations such as an outdoor venue when a tent or temporary stage collapses, it can cause terrible injuries and death. The types of negligent actions that can result in a structure collapse might include:

  • Failure to secure the structure against collapse
  • Failure to make sure that the structure would remain stable even in poor weather conditions
  • The use of substandard, defective or damaged parts in the building structure

If you have been hurt in a deck collapse, you may benefit from a conversation with an experienced Miami premises liability lawyer. You can ask questions about your case and receive legal guidance including your options in pursuing compensation from the at-fault party.

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