Miami Hotels and Property Liability

Whether you’re staying at the Four Seasons Hotel Miami or the Miami Springs Motel 6, hotel management, like any property owner, owe a duty to visitors and customers. Hundreds of thousands of people visit Miami and the surrounding communities for the warm weather and recreational activities each year. If an accident happens, it doesn’t matter whether someone is a tourist or a resident of Florida. Like any property owner or occupant, hotels and other innkeepers owe a duty to use ordinary or reasonable care to provide reasonably safe premises for their guests.  Simply put, they are responsible for keeping their property safe.

Under Florida law, hotels have a duty to the people who rent their rooms. Guests are entitled to safety. Hotels should hire people to regularly inspect their property. This includes more than just the rooms; it includes the buildings, passageways, the stairs, the lobby, the parking lots, the elevators and escalators, appliances, and any areas under their control. Hotels should conduct routine inspections, make timely repairs, and warn guests and others about dangerous conditions.

While the highest duty of care is owed to paid guests, visitors, such as friends of guests, may also be entitled to bring a claim against the hotel if they are injured too.

Common types of hotel accidents

Hotels accidents can happen because of inadequate lighting, failure to control bed bugs, improperly trained staff, and other causes. Some of the common types of hotel accidents in Miami include:

  • Slip, trips, and falls. There are many reasons people can slip and fall in a hotel. The carpets may be worn, the floors can be uneven, or spills can make the floors slippery. Hotels must ensure their floors are level, safe, and secure.
  • Swimming pools. Many hotels promote their swimming pools as a major attraction, but swimming pools can cause fatal drownings. Wet surfaces easily can cause guests to slip and break their arms or legs. Hotels should hire lifeguards and maintenance crews to prevent deaths or injuries from happening.
  • Food poisoning. Most hotels either have full dining services or, at least, offer a Continental breakfast. Any food served should be properly refrigerated and cooked the right amount of time at the correct temperature. Utensils should be clean and employees’ hands, dishes, and glasses should be sanitary.
  • Bed bugs. Hotels must understand the danger that bed bugs can infest mattresses, furniture, and other parts of the hotel room. These insects cause painful skin blisters and can even be transported from the hotel to the guest’s private house.
  • Negligent security. Hotels should prepare their facilities for the possibility of assaults and attacks by others. There should be proper lighting, cameras, fences, and other measures to protect guests from criminal attacks.

Hotels should also be aware that hot showers can scald passengers, electrical failures can cause deaths or electric shock, and that broken furniture can cause injuries. Hotels may also be liable for misconduct of their employees.

Miami property liability lawyers at Yeboah Law Group, P.A. immediately investigate the hotel scene when an accident occurs. We demand to inspect all the relevant records, including prior complaints that were made to the hotel. For aggressive legal representation, please contact (800) TELL-SAM to make an appointment. You can also reach us through our contact form.


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