Florida Woman Dies When her Motorcycle Crashes into a School Bus

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Florida Woman Dies When her Motorcycle Crashes into a School Bus

Florida Woman Dies When her Motorcycle Crashes into a School BusRecently reported that a 45-year old woman tragically died in early April 2017 when the motorcycle she was operating crashed into a Seminole County school bus. The accident happened at 7:50 am on a Wednesday evening, according to the Florida Highway Patrol. The location of the accident was Longwood Lake Mary Road, not far from Acorn Drive.

According to the troopers, the woman was riding a 2016 Honda when she ran through a stop sign. She lost control of her bike while she was trying to stop and crashed into the bus.

Operating a motorcycle on Miami roadways involves real dangers

This case illustrates the serious risks of operating a motorcycle:

  • Occupants have no protection if an accident happens. Unlike cars or trucks, there is no hood, no front of the vehicle, and no rear. Occupants almost always fall straight on to the hard asphalt.
  • Bumps in the road, potholes, and oil slicks can cause the operator to quickly lose control. Four-wheel vehicles can handle changes in road surfaces with ease. For motorcycles, any change in the highway can lead to serious injury, or even death.
  • Cars, trucks, and other vehicles often don’t anticipate motorcycles. Many drivers don’t understand how to judge the motions of motorcycles on the road. In this case, even though the motorcycle operator ran through the red light, the bus driver may not have taken steps to avoid the crash.

While the motorcycle operator would appear to have caused the accident, and her subsequent unfortunate death, there may be other causes. The motorcycle may have had defective brakes, steering, or other defective parts. If a defective part caused the accident, the manufacturer could be held accountable. If the stop sign was not visible or was placed improperly, the county where the accident happened might also be responsible.

Don’t assume you don’t have a case. Often when accidents happen, our Miami motorcycle injury attorneys discover that some party other than the injured victim was at fault. When someone is liable, the lawyers at Yeboah Law Group demand payment for pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages, and scarring. If death occurs, we demand payment of wrongful death damages. For help now, please phone our caring lawyers at (800) TELL-SAM or make an appointment by completing our contact form.

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