Domino’s Pizza: Pothole Repair in 30 Minutes or Less?Potholes and roads in disrepair can easily cause a serious accident. While states, cities, and towns normally have the responsibility for fixing potholes or warning drivers of dangers, a new player has entered the pothole safety field. Domino’s Pizza, whose drivers deliver fresh pizzas throughout Florida, is now actively helping to fix dangerous roads throughout the country.

In June of 2018, the Washington Post reported that Domino’s Pizza is helping some municipalities repair its roads. Concerned that potholes, bumps, and cracks were causing your mushroom or pepperoni slices to be damaged – not to mention their delivery vehicles – Domino’s Pizza announced a road repair campaign called Paving the Way. The campaign is giving grant money to approved municipalities to repair their treacherous roads and highways. Pizza buyers who don’t want their slices mushed can nominate their home town for Domino’s grant funds by clicking on

Domino’s, according to the Post story, does seek something in return for its grant contributions other than unshaken pizzas. In consideration for the grant funds, Domino’s wants its company logo and a tagline (“Oh yes we did”) to be sprayed in chalk (which washes away after the first rain) near the roadway repair work. The company also wants to have cellphone pictures showing the repair work being done. These are minor trade-offs for helping make the roads level and safer.

Domino’s campaign is certainly unique; when can you remember any company in the private sector using marketing to repair public infrastructure? Cynics argue that there is something wrong with corporate America taking control of American roads, and that may be true – but someone has to do it, and Domino’s is the only one stepping up. Many municipalities struggle to pay their police, collect the garbage, fix water lines, and focus on public safety. Road repair often takes a back seat in the county budget. So, the Domino’s contribution, about $5,000 for each grant, does make a significant contribution.

Liability for poorly maintained Florida roads

For those of us who haven’t had our roads fixed by an international pizza chain, there are still risks when driving on dangerous roads. An experienced Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyer can seek to hold the state, counties, towns, and/or municipalities liable for roadway accidents based on bad road maintenance. Roads that have too many potholes or potholes that are too deep can cause a driver to lose control. The tires or wheels may become damaged. Governmental units need to remove snow and ice or close the roads until they’re safe.

There are strict time limits and requirements for bringing claims against the state, the Florida Department of Transportation, and other governmental entities and agencies. Make sure to call us before you start raising Cain at the local public works office.

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