The Most Common Types Truck Accidents on Miami Highways

The Most Common Types Truck Accidents on Miami HighwaysThere are few experiences more nerve-racking than seeing an 18-wheeler come barreling toward you on I-95 or I-75 – unless it’s seeing one trying to maneuver its way through a traffic jam. Commercial trucks of all sizes travel down our highways every day, hauling goods from Maine to the Keys. They’re big, they’re heavy and they’re on a schedule, and a collision or accident involving one can be devastating.

Truck accidents often cause deaths, catastrophic injuries, or severe medical harm. An understanding of how these accidents occur is useful for two reasons. First, the way the accident occurred helps to determine who is at fault for the accident. Second, the manner of the accident can be helpful in proving that death or serious injury was reasonably caused by the accident.

How truck accidents occur

While every truck accident is unique, truck accidents usually fall into one of the following categories:

  • Jackknife accidents. This type of accident happens when the brakes of a tractor trailer lock. The result of a jackknife accident is that the trailer rotates 90 degrees from the tractor. Truck drivers who experience a jackknife often lose control of their truck, causing it to roll over. A jackknifed trailer can cause multi-vehicle collisions as nearby drivers try to avoid the truck.
  • Rollover crashes. Trucks that speed, jackknife, take curves too quickly, or fail to handle dangerous conditions properly can rollover. Rollovers are especially dangerous because the shipping loads can spill onto the road, causing accidents between other vehicles.
  • Underride crashes. Smaller vehicles may ride under a large trailer, causing the trailer to crush the car and kill the occupants. Trucks should have rear guards to prevent underride accidents.
  • Truck-driver DWI wrecks and distracted driver crashes. Truck drivers who drive while intoxicated, text while driving, or are distracted for any reason are a danger to all other drivers and passengers on the road.
  • Road construction collision. Trucks are a common sight at construction sites. They are constantly needed to bring supplies in and take them out. Construction site owners should take steps to warn other drivers and to monitor truck drivers.

Other causes of accidents include rear-end accidents, motorcycle crashes, brake and equipment failures, overexertion, and failure to obey the rules of the road.

In order to obtain rightful compensation for victims and their families, Miami truck accident attorneys work with police and investigators to determine the cause of a crash. When necessary, lawyers also work with traffic reconstruction experts who can explain why the accident happened. Families of truck accident victims are entitled to wrongful death damages. Injured victims who can prove someone else was at fault are entitled to pain and suffering damages, payment for medical bills, lost wages, and other justifiable damages.

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