Benefits of Personal Injury Protection

Benefits of Personal Injury ProtectionPersonal injury protection (PIP) car insurance is mandated for all licensed drivers in Fort Lauderdale and statewide as Florida is a no-fault car accident state. For anyone injured by another driver’s vehicle, this means that regardless of the other driver’s vehicular insurance status, prompt payment of at least $2,500.00 is available, and can be up to as much as $10,000 for medical treatment following an auto accident. Instead of dealing with health insurance deductibles and copays, personal injury protection funds are available more immediately, no matter how large or how small the injury is. But personal injury protection can go further than simply covering medical bills.

In Florida, PIP provides for more than just basic or emergency medical care

Personal injury protection insurance funds have multiple uses for drivers who have been injured in accidents. Beyond hospital payments, personal injury protection can be used as income continuation, compensating you for lost wages if you have to take time off from work due to an injury. It can also be used to pay for childcare, household cleaning or even grocery delivery services, if you have serious injuries that prevent you from fulfilling the daily responsibilities associated with caring for yourself and your family. Rehabilitation and physical therapy are covered, as are diagnostic services, prescription medications, prosthetics, surgical, dental, licensed chiropractic, and hospital expenses. In the most severe accidents resulting in fatalities, personal injury protection funds can be used to cover funeral expenses, relieving families of an emotional and financial burden.

Limitations of PIP

As much as we’ve focused on the myriad advantages offered by personal injury protection auto insurance, the payments cannot be used indiscriminately: some services are not covered. PIP does not cover the repairs to a vehicle, nor provide funds for a rental car. Some holistic medical services are excluded from PIP, such as acupuncture, non-medical massage, and naturopathy. PIP also doesn’t pay out for pain and suffering, as a lawsuit might.

The personal injury protection auto insurance system was designed to facilitate payment and care to anyone injured in an auto accident, regardless of who caused the accident. However, due to an increased volume of fraud, there may be investigations done into the validity and veracity of the accident. PIP will not be paid for drivers who intentionally cause their own injuries.  Likewise, drivers who are intoxicated may find themselves outside of the circle of coverage by PIP, depending on the specific circumstances. If the injury was sustained while committing a felony, PIP will not pay for any treatment.

The final crucial piece of information all Fort Lauderdale drivers need to know is that personal injury protection claims must be filed as soon as possible. Specific time limits vary by insurance company, but the deadline could be short; if you fail to file within a few weeks after the accident, your claim may be denied. That’s why the assistance of a Fort Lauderdale car accident attorney is vital to help make sure your legitimate claims and needs get covered fully and promptly. Contact us at Yeboah Law Group for a free in-depth consultation of your personal injury protection or injury claim in Fort Lauderdale. Call Yeboah Law Group now at (800) TELL-SAM or complete our contact form to schedule a free consultation.

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