10 Facts About Safe Drivers in Florida

10 Facts About Safe Drivers in FloridaOur home state is known for many things—its temperate weather, sunny beaches, theme parks, boating, and other fun activities. Unfortunately, and partially because of this tourist draw, it is also known for its high number of car accidents and highway fatalities. More people on the roads lead to more accidents.

In 2017, Florida saw a total of 387,900 car crashes, and 2,709 crashes with fatalities. As of mid-January, the state had 8,296 total crashes, 33 of which were fatal.

Driving safely to avoid accidents

Maybe Floridians have the dubious honor of being rated the worst drivers in the country, but that does not mean you have to be. Safe drivers have many traits in common when behind the wheel. Following are ten facts about safe drivers we all should remember when operating a vehicle.

  1. They always were their seatbelts, (it is the law if you are in either front seat), and ask their passengers to do the same, even if they are in the back seat.
  2. They never drink and drive. Twenty-eight percent of all traffic fatalities come from alcohol-related accidents.
  3. They adjust their mirrors and seats before starting the car. This ensures they are not distracted tweaking their positions while driving.
  4. They avoid distractions. Distracted driving is extremely dangerous. Anything from talking on the phone to looking at a GPS to texting can take your eyes off the road long enough to have a serious car accident.
  5. They stay alert. Always assume other drivers are going to make a mistake, and plan what you will do in case it happens.
  6. They do not drive drowsy. Driving drowsy is extremely dangerous. When you are tired, you lose your ability to focus and “zone out.” Losing attention for even a few seconds is enough time for an accident. And, a tedious drive can cause a drowsy driver to nod off.
  7. They do not tailgate. Keeping a safe distance between you and the car in front of you avoids fender-benders and much more serious wrecks. Many drivers use the “four-second rule.” Look for a stationary object on the side of the road. When the vehicle in front of you passes it, four seconds should go by until you pass it.
  8. They do not speed or drive recklessly. Speeding is one of the most common causes of car crashes. Saving a few minutes is not worth taking the risk.
  9. They are prepared for bad weather. Safe drivers know how to drive in ice, snow, or heavy rain—they slow down, use wipers, and account for bad visibility.
  10. They maintain their vehicle. It is hard to remain safe on the road if your vehicle is unsafe. Make sure your car is up to date on inspection and any issues are fixed. Checking your tire pressure regularly is also important to ensure the pressure is not uneven, too high, or too low.

Still, you can be the safest driver on the road and still be involved in an accident through no fault of your own. If this happens to you, trust the attorneys of Yeboah Law Group to advocate for you when you are hurt. Our cases are handled on a contingency basis, so you do not have to worry about the stress of legal fees while trying to heal from your vehicle accident injuries. Contact our Fort Lauderdale law firm at 954-764-2338 or complete our contact form to schedule a free consultation.

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